I'm disappointed that few writers have sought to focus attention on some of the Old Testament books, labeled "Apocrypha", that have always been accepted as Biblical by Catholic and Orthodox believers.

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STORIES (all complete):

"The Adventures of Toby"


"Three Wise Young Men"

WISDOM LITERATURE (selected chapters, complete in themselves):

"Wisdom of Solomon" (including my favorite quotation from the whole of the Old Testament: "I prayed and the Lord God gave me understanding. I called upon God for help and the Spirit of Wisdom came to me. I esteemed Her far more than scepters and thrones. Compared to Her, I regarded riches as absolutely nothing. Nor did I count priceless gems as worthy of the slightest value, for all the world's gold is but a pinch of sand in Her sight, and even silver ranks as clay. I loved Her more than health or beauty. I preferred Her over and above the sun and the moon, for Her radiance never falters, never ceases. Everything that is good and wonderful, She freely showers upon those who love Her.")

"Jesus Ben Sirach" (What a wonderful opening! "Wisdom comes directly from the Lord God. She is -- and has always been -- His! And She lives with Him forever.")

"Baruch" ("Wisdom now shows Herself upon earth and lives among men. She is the book of the commandments of God. She is the law that endures forever. All that hold fast to Her shall come to life... Walk in the presence of Her light so that you too may be illuminated.")

"Proverbs" ("Seek out Wisdom. Praise Her and proclaim Her. She is not hard to find.")


"Psalms 1, 2, 82, 84, 138, 145, 151"

"Psalms of Solomon 5, 6, 9, 11, 15"


"Manasseh" ("You, my Lord, are the God of all those who repent -- all (who) seek Your forgiveness... You will save me because of Your great mercy, and I will praise You forever all the days of my life.")

"The Visions of Ezra" ("Freely forgiving all their sins and transgressions, please extend Your limitless love to all who have firmly placed their trust in Your glory.")

To read a selection from The Wisdom of Solomon, please click this link: http://reidbooks.exactpages.com/solomon.htm


The Holy Spirit

The inspired author of "Wisdom" writes in chapter seven: "In every generation, the Holy Spirit passes into holy souls, making them close friends of the Lord God and giving them the ability to reveal His thoughts and designs." (BIBLE WISDOM, page 22). To me, this verse rates as one of the top ten key texts in the whole Bible. Indeed, I would rank it second to "But to those who welcome Him [into their minds and hearts] and who believe in Him, He gives the authorization, the power, the ability to become God's children." (John 1:12). Wow!

However, the most beautiful description of the special relationship possible between God and man is supplied in chapter eight (verses 51 et seq) of "The Visions of Ezra". The Lord God is speaking. "Why do you persist, Ezra, in counting yourself amongst the godless?" He asks. "You have not failed. For you, Paradise lies open, the tree of life is planted, and a wonderful eternity of endless joy prepared. For you, the city has been made ready, and there you will dwell with all perfection, continually in My Presence and with My Spirit of Wisdom constantly at your side... A joyous life will open to you forever." (BIBLE WISDOM, page 108). 

"How much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him?" Jesus declares in Luke 11:13. True! We know that "Wisdom is a breath of the power of God, a pure emanation of the glory of the Almighty. She is a reflection of His eternal light, a spotless mirror of His soul, an everlasting image of His goodness. She is a Holy Spirit of supreme intelligence... Although She is but one spirit, She is omniscient. She is the same Holy Spirit now and forever... In every generation, She passes into holy souls, making them close friends of the Lord God, and giving them the ability to reveal His thoughts and designs. The Lord God loves no-one more than the man or woman who lives with Wisdom." (BIBLE WISDOM, pages 22 and 23).        



God's Purpose

Answers to Age-Old Questions


Why did God create the Universe?

"The Lord God rejoiced when He had completed the world. He rejoiced to think that now He would have company. Now He would surround Himself with the children of men." (BIBLE WISDOM, page 85).


Who does God favor?

"Are you kind-hearted? Then the Lord God loves you and you enjoy instant access to His presence." (BIBLE WISDOM, page 82).


Who is happy?

Whoever loves Wisdom loves life. Those who rise early to greet Her will be filled with happiness." (BIBLE WISDOM, page 71).


How do I find Wisdom?

"I prayed and the Lord God gave me understanding. I called upon God for help and the Spirit of Wisdom came to me." (BIBLE WISDOM, page 20). "Wisdom, ever radiant and unfading, is easily encountered by those who love Her, and readily found by all who seek Her. She hastens to make Herself known to all who desire Her." (BIBLE WISDOM, page 18).


Does God answer prayers?

"The Lord God hears the prayers of all who revere Him... Yes, the Lord God grants the requests of every soul that trusts in Him." (BIBLE WISDOM, page 37).   


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Here is the second handbook in my "Bible Wisdom" series. "More Bible Wisdom for Modern Times" is now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online booksellers.

The best available texts have been used to translate "Mark's Gospel" into modern English. The picture of Jesus that emerges from the recollections of Simon Peter (as recorded by John Mark) seems far from the usual stained-glass image of the Savior.

Fully restored and reconstructed, here for the first time in 1900 years is the GOOD NEWS as John, "the Beloved Disciple", originally wrote it. Complete with its beautiful original Foreword and equally moving Afterword, this GOOD NEWS has been freshly translated into modern English.

Features of this new edition of John's Gospel include:

1. The original gospel of the Beloved Disciple is clearly identified, as are the various contributions by John, the Elder. An effort has been made to put the narrative in order, and yet at the same time incorporate all the many misplaced passages, including the original Foreword and Afterword.

2. Also identified and newly translated are the two traditional, short additions to the gospel, namely a postscript by John's disciples and an account of the woman taken in adultery, which has actually been extracted from "The Gospel According to the Hebrews".

3. The three letters by John, the Elder, incorrectly attributed to John, the Apostle, in some Bibles, are also included.

4. Also newly translated for this book, is the letter known as 1 Peter, which was certainly authorized by Peter, but which he himself plainly states was written "by Silvanus, his faithful brother [in Christ]."

GOOD NEWS by John, the Beloved Disciple is now on sale. A direct link to Amazon is provided below for your convenience. However, I would point out that all this GOOD NEWS is now included in "Mark and John: The First and Last Gospels" as well as "Mark, Matthew, Luke and John: The 4 Gospels". 

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"MARK, MATTHEW, LUKE and JOHN" is a brand new translation of the 4 Gospels, using the very latest textual discoveries to present what Mark, Matthew, Luke and John actually wrote, NOT what well-meaning but biased churchmen think they ought to have written. The actual words of the writers clearly PROVE that these men wrote about real events which at least two of them, possibly three, witnessed with their own eyes and wrote with their own pens -- and in John's case, a pen occasionally critical of the apostle, Peter. All four were real men with real emotions and a real story to tell.

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"Bible Wisdom for Modern Times" Series 



"Bible Wisdom for Modern Times" Series 


Now available in addition to my combined MARK, MATTHEW, LUKE AND JOHN book (see Amazon link above) are three of these Gospels in two separate books, namely Mark and John the First and Last Gospels and What Matthew Really Wrote. Here, for the first time in nearly 2,000 years, is Matthew's Gospel as it was originally written, without the many spurious additions crammed into the text by over-zealous copyists and editors. (The above link will take you to the $2.99 Kindle edition). I also have available Bible Wisdom: PSALMS of Praise and Power newly translated from the Greek Old Testament. In PSALMS, you'll find 84 of the most beautiful and inspiring, presented in both an easy-to-read literal translation and in a more poetic paraphrase. The Psalms are poems after all! "Psalms" is available in both a regular paperback edition and in a Kindle edition currently selling for only $3.00. All 287 pages of text are reproduced in the Kindle edition, which is certainly great value for $3. E-books are also available from Barnes & Noble and most other online stores, although they are more expensive (around $3.99)! (The Amazon icon above with no price showing will take you to the Kindle edition). 


ROSALIA DE CASTRO: Selected Poems rendered into English verse. Poems include Saint Scholastica, The Oak Trees, Angel, The Banks of the River Sar, Realms of Refuge, The Bells, The Two Doves, Happiness, Somewhere Far Away, Happiness, Daydreaming, Hour After Hour, etc.